Introduction to Gore Guitars


My desire is to build great guitars for great players. 

When I talk with you about your next guitar, the discussion is about your music, your playing, and your requirements.  

I start by understanding completely your demands on a guitar; your style and repertoire, your strengths and limitations, the sounds that you desire.  We will discuss the options available to allow an instrument to be built that poses the minimum impediment between you and your repertoire.  I advise on instrument type and wood selection and we agree on what the instrument will look like and sound like.  I choose specific wood samples based on their material properties and, using the design techniques that I have developed, determine the thickness of the top and back and the sizes and distribution of the braces that will ultimately deliver the sound we seek.  We select the finish that will best suit the environment in which the instrument will spend its working life.  

Within a few short months from the commencement of build you will take delivery of the new guitar and delight in its performance.    

Welcome, and please take a leisurely look around my website.  Check out some of the guitars that I’ve built and how I go about it.  You’ll see that I do things a bit differently.


Trevor  Gore  

Braz end on
SS Neck
SS nut

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